Alice Laloy graduated with the 32nd promotion (1998/2001) of the National School of Theatre of Strasbourg (scenography & costume design).
She founded the theatre company “S’Appelle Reviens” in January 2002 with the aim of developing her personal research alongside her scenographic and costume design work.


Between 2002 an 2008, Alice Laloy worked alongside a number of theatre and opera directors including Lukas Hemleb, Catherine Anne, Michèlle Foucher, Jean-Pierre Vincent, Yannick Jaulin and Emmanuelle Cordoliani.


From 2009 to 2011, the theatre company held a 3-year artistic residency at the TJP- CDN (Theatre for Young Audiences Department – National Dramatic Arts Centre) of Alsace. Following this period, Alice Laloy devoted her work entirely to developing her research within her theatre company.


In 2009 she won a Molière award for the best production for young audiences, for her creation 86 CM.


In 2011, Y es-tu ? was selected amongst the four Molière nominees for best production for young audiences.


In 2012 she created Batailles which she reworked into a creation she named Rebatailles in 2013, following which the International Institute of Puppetry awarded her the “Creation/Experimentation” prize, rewarding her work for the new horizons it opened in the field of puppetry in terms of language, techniques and aesthetics.


Her production Sous ma peau/ was created in 2015, along with Tempo, a short production designed for vertical glass surfaces.


In 2017, she was invited by Fabrice Melquiot of the Amstramgram theatre in Geneva to write a show there for young audiences on the theme of the Dada movement. She created Ça dada.


In 2017, she won the Institut Français award for her artist residency project Hors les Murs with Pinocchio(s) and went on to develop the project in Mongolia.


Following this residency in Mongolia, she wrote a first version of Pinocchio (live). The stage performance is created for the opening of the International Biennial of Puppetry Arts in Paris in May 2019.


In 2020, she create À poils any public show from 3 years at Comédie de Colmar, and Death Breath Orchestra at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil.


She create a new version of Pinocchio(live) with young-danceurs students of Choregraphic Center of Strasbourg and young students Dram Class of Conservatoire of Colmar  : Pinocchio(live)#2 is created to Festival d’Avignon in july 2021.


Alice Laloy is an artist-associate of Le Mouffetard- Puppetry Arts Theatre in Paris for the period 2018 to 2021 and associate of Comédie de l’Est (CDN of Colmar) since 2019.


Since 2012, the company is subsidised by DRAC Grand Est (Cultural Affairs Council, Region East France, and by the Region Council East since 2019.