Sous ma peau /


Creation 2015

Carré, Scène Nationale de Château-Gontier


Duration : 1h


Writing and Direction : Alice Laloy

Text : Alice Laloy and Stéphanie Farison

Music : Eric Recordier

Scenography and stage management : Jane Joyet

Décor construction :  Arpo Studio – Nicolas de Bary

Lights designer :  Jean-Yves Courcoux

Sound management : Thibaud Thaunay

Costume:  Delphine Laloy

Accessories :  Eric Deniaud, Alice Laloy, Arnaud Louski-Pane and Justine Macadoux

With Eric Deniaud, Marek Douchet, Stéphanie Farison, Justine Macadoux, Eric Recordier
Production management : Laure Félix

Thanks to Eric Caruso


Production : La Compagnie S’appelle Reviens
Co-production : Le Mouffetard – Puppetry Arts Theater, the FMTM – World Festival of Charleville-Mézières Puppet Theaters, the TJP-CDN of Alsace, the Fracas – National Dramatic Center of Montluçon – Auvergne region, Créa – Young Public Stage of Alsace.
With the support of the Carré – National Scene and Center of Contemporary Art – Château-Gontier, the National Scene of Cavaillon, Studio Stains Theater, the General Council of Seine Saint Denis, the Strasbourg City, the region Alsace and DRAC Alsace. This text received the Creation Aid from the National Theater Center


UNDER MY SKIN / SFU.MA.TO or the desire to explore what, layer after layer, will allow to find the right thickness and thus try to get closer to a “form of beauty”.


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