Without a doubt the most lively show of the season

“How delightful to witness the untamed roar that rises form the children when the walls fall apart in a succession of exquisite images, or their shrieks of joy when the time comes to play at the great game of Nothing. We are left sighing with contentment long afterwards. Decidedly, Dada is a true tonic.”

Paris Mômes 07/04/2018

(Maïa Bouteillet)

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Ça dada it’s insane

“Ça Dada is deliciously insane… In an unbridled, thrilling outbrust, Alice Laloy and a wonderful trio of actors completely reinvent the spirit of Dada. The Dada theatre shatters everything and turns it on its head. In a rampant, ransacking esthetic, where paint flies and an array of inventively reclaimed objects appear and accumulate, images of chaos and of breathtaking beauty appear before our eyes…”

(Christophe Candoni)

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Ça dada TTT – We love passionatly

“It is a difficult task to put into words a performance in which such a powerful breath of freedom blows away all the established codes of theatre, and others along with it. Thinking outside the box is at the very heart of Alice Laloy’s remarkable, original and flabbergasting work.”
Françoise Sabatier-Morel

Telerama Sortir TTT 04/2018


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Ça dada et Ça décoiffe


Warning! Warning! The facetious “Ça Dada” of Alice Laoy has invested the Nouveau Théâtre of Montreuil. Shoving the established order in its course, it causes stupor, trembling and roar of pleasure among the (young) audience. Contagious?


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Ça dada / TELERAMA


“”Without ever lecturing us, Alice Laloy resituates de Dada mouvement in its upset times and in its revolt. Talking mannequins but trepanned and stoned decor say well that the world was cracking…”

(Mathieu Braunstein)

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