Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil

Article by Rosita Boisseau for newspaper Le Monde – May 23, 2020

“In Montreuil, a theatrical re-entry with counted steps. The director Alice Laloy opened the New Theater of Montreuil with auditions of musicians. (…) “Death Breath Orchestra” will make an orchestra of five brass musicians ring around an “asphyxiated world”. A bit ironic when you find yourself suffocating like a carp under your mask.”

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Golden Fleece

Les Inrockuptibles – March 11, 2020

“With “À poils”, Alice Laloy invents a contemporary tale at the crossroads of two worlds by releasing her hairy ogres in the midst of those we designate as their prey. (…) Taming the other by overcoming his fears is in heart of the stakes of this fable to experience live. ”

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Itching powder

Article by Christophe Schneider for newspaper Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace – March 6, 2020

“A show for young audiences but also a performance, “À poils” hides its game well, putting together very discreetly, in everyone’s face and beard, the pieces of a puzzle, the whole of which is inevitably unveiled at the right time.”

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Who are these hairy people invading the stage?

Article by Dom Poirier for newspaper L’Alsace/DNA – February 3, 2020

“Alice Laloy offers a most unexpected creation for young audiences, this week at the Comédie de Colmar. Her show, called “A poils” plays with the established codes and conventions of theater for young audiences.”

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