Alice Laloy breathes new life into an asphyxiated world

Article by Christophe Candoni for – February 6, 2021

“Rather than sacking and destruction, the artist summons inertia, the inanimate, but in order to better research and especially question the living. “I lend objects a soul. Puppets fascinate me because of the theatricality that they are. they represent. I dream of seeing them smile, breathe. I hope to see them live. I use the theater to make this thing possible.”

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Article by Amelie Blaustein Niddam for – January 22, 2021

“In this show without words, a lot of things are said about the urgency of being able to breathe together again. It does not date from the Covid, indeed, it speaks as much about the ecological situation as about the pandemic, but our eyes are today are not in the capacity to see anything other than an ultra real catharsis, whereas nothing is on this stage, of our emotional state.”

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