Ça Dada

Creation 2017

Théâtre Amstramgram in Geneva – Switzerland.


Duration 1h

Any public from 6 years

This text was awarded the ARTCENA National Commission Fund


Creation and direction : Alice Laloy

With Eric Caruso, Stéphanie Farison et Marion Verstraeten
Playwrighting : Emmanuelle Destremeau

Music : Eric RecordierScenography : Jane Joyet

Stage Lighting : Rémi Furrer

Costumes : Marion Schmid

Choreography Cécile Laloy

Accessories : Benjamin Hautin, Alice Laloy & Anaïs Guenot

Stage and lighting manager : Julienne Rochereau or Théo Tisseuil

Technical manager : Benjamin Hautin et Léonard Martin or Guillaume Leroy

Sound manager : Lucas Chassere

Machinery design : Davide Cornil

Machinery construction : François-Xavier Thien

Construction : Ateliers de la Ville de Genève

With the voice of Valérie Schwarcz


Production : Théâtre Amstramgram / Geneva

Co-production : La Compagnie S’appelle Reviens

With the support of Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC) Grand Est, Région Grand Est, Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil CDN


Dada is an artistic revolution, a collaborative creation by artists who have lost faith in the world they live in. Their way of countering the absurdity of this world and finding a way of living more happily within it is to create. By inventing all kinds of fantasies, poetical follies and outrages, they constantly strive to avoid following the beaten track of conventional or academic order. Dada is a kind of hymn in praise of freedom and of the Human creator. Emerging from the specific context of the 1st World War, today, one hundred years later, the parallels between the war of the past and the war of today are striking. The old crisis and the new crisis, the urge to revolt then and the urge to revolt now. Past anger and present anger, past exile and present exile. The misery of the past and present day misery. But what if we were to play with Dada? With frenzied inventiveness and crisp humour, three figures entice the audience into a brilliantly insane ritual.


It is a dive into the depths of poetry. “Dada is our intensity!” proclaims one voice. One male and two female actors concentrate in an attempt to reach a particular state of mind: that of the artistic warrior, ready to face the unknown and the unpredictable in their quest to generate an act of creation.


Armed with paint sprays, hammers, material and machines, dummies and tools of all kinds, encouraged by the audience, they break down walls and level the ground, before cheerfully rebuilding a world in which they gallop and snort, sing in onomatopoeia, splash themselves with paint, explode and fall down again, in a cycle of constant transformation.


The stage director, Alice Laloy, offers us a playground of possibilities. Ça Dada ricochets outwards like a kaleidoscope, draped in an array of musical hues painted by the composer Eric Recordier. It is a joyful and lively celebration in honour our creative nature.






Behind the scenes of “Ça Dada” Documentary


Stage performance recording available upon request: gabrielle.dupas@sappellereviens.com

Show available in English.



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