In joyful chaos, “Ça dada” tirelessly praises the creative impulse. Wow!

“In joyful chaos, “Ça dada” tirelessly praises the creative impulse. Wow!
They’ve done it! They’re mad! They have pulled off the impossible task of reproducing a one hundred year old artistic blitz!”
“There is as much excitement as there is laughter in the aisles. As usual with Am Stram Gram, thrilled parents delight in the subtleties and cultural references whilst children giggle at the onomatopoeia and the slapstick inventions. There is something for everyone, everyone’s creative juices are unleashed, inspiring us to become the poet of our own insubordination.”

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Marionnettes en avant-première

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CAROLO-MAG-07/17-Comme un avant-goût de la prochaine édition du festival Mondial des Théâtres de marionnette, trois expositions seront installées à Charleville-Mézières dès le mois de juillet…

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À Charleville-Mézières, les marionnettes prennent corps

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LE MONDE | 20.09.2017 – Tous les deux ans, la cité ardennaise accueille pendant dix jours le Festival mondial des théâtres de marionnettes. Les marionnettes ont littéralement envahi les façades des maisons et des bâtiments publics. (…) Alice Laloy et son étonnante exposition «Pinocchio(s) » avec de grands portraits d’enfants transformés en pantins désarticulés…

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Ça dada TTT On aime passionnément

“It is a difficult task to put into words a performance in which such a powerful breath of freedom blows away all the established codes of theatre, and others along with it. Thinking outside the box is at the very heart of Alice Laloy’s remarkable, original and flabbergasting work.”
Françoise Sabatier-Morel
Paris Mômes – 07/04/2018


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